Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Parable of the Ewe Lamb


Who was *King David*? And what were Louis Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad revealing about each other in making that comparison?

Well, history ends up recording King David as a divinely cursed man who murdered his lieutenant, Uriah, in order to cover-up an act of adultery with the Hittite's wife, Bathsheba [2 Samuel 11:1 to 12:25]. The plan came unstuck when God sent the prophet Nathan to denounce King David by means of a parable. David was completely taken in, declaring at the end of it, "The man who did this deserves to die!" only to be told by Nathan, "You are that man". Sound familiar?

What is particularly striking about all of this is that Elijah Muhammad spoke his words to Farrakhan in 1957, a full 7-8 years before going on to fulfill those most horrendous of Davidian deeds - events he could NEVER have forseen - in his adulterous relations with the 'Bathshebas' of his secretarial harem, the pseudo-theological lies deployed to cover them up and the barbaric 21 February 1965 slaying of Uriah/Malcolm X as the blood-spattered seal on that prophecy.

24 April 2011

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