Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre"

On 14 February 1965 – Saint Valentine's Day – a vicious death squad of Nation of Islam arsonists affiliated with Harlem's Mosque No.7, Boston's Mosque No.11 and Springfield's Mosque No.13 [and acting on the direct orders of NOI Supreme Captain Raymond Sharrieff] conducted a truly cowardly Molotov cocktail attack on the East Elmhurst residence of Malcolm X while he, his wife and his infant daughters lay asleep inside. The perpetrators of this attack are believed to have included Mosque No.7 'captain' Joseph X Gravitt, Mosque No.11 'captain' Clarence 2X Gill, Mosque No.13 'captain' John Muhammad and none other than Minister Louis Farrakhan's half-brother, Alvin X Walcott. It is inconceivable that the role played by Walcott has been unknown to Minister Farrakhan since the attack. What beggars belief and staggers the senses is that in the dozens of news media interviews in which Farrakhan has been involved in the last three decades not once has he ever been asked a direct question about the criminal role his half-brother is believed to have played in this barbaric incident. That question is just one of the many he can finally expect to face in any future Justice Department-mandated grand jury proceeding.

27 April 2011

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