Sunday, April 03, 2011

"They Don't Come Like the Minister"

In this shocking excerpt from the incredible, all-new Omar Shabazz documentary 'Naked Lies: the Continuous War Against Malcolm X' [2011] - purchase by email from - take a listen to this revolting 1972 speech by Louis Farrakhan in which the Nation of Islam leader celebrates the cold-blooded murder of Malcolm X, praises his killers as 'fearless men' and mocks what he calls the 'cowardice' of the defenceless men, women and children in the Audubon Ballroom who attempted to flee as the assassins bullets ricocheted around the auditorium. Like Farrakhan's nauseating 1993 'Saviours Day' tirade in which he all but revelled in the NOI's role in murdering the 'traitor' Malcolm X, these sermons clearly demonstrate the depth of Farrakhan's homicidal animus towards Malcolm X and strengthen suspicions that Farrakhan's personal involvement in the assassination may go far deeper than his previously acknowledged culpability for 'creating the atmosphere' that led to Malcolm's killing.

And with the appalling decision to grant parole to Malcolm X assassin Thomas Hagan and the sickening revelation that his fellow murderer, William Bradley, is living freely in Newark [NJ], the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rev. Al Sharpton and, above all, Minister Farrakhan must issue a joint statement calling on President Barack Obama to sign an executive order declassifying all federal files relating to Malcolm's vicious (and as-yet-unsolved) assassination, re-opening a full investigation aimed at identifying the real perpetrators and tasking Attorney General Eric Holder with bringing the full force of the Justice Department to bear against anyone and everyone who had any involvement whatsoever in the 21 February 1965 outrage.

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