Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sleeping with the Fishes

In a role eerily reminiscent of that performed by Mafia enforcer Luca Brasi in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather [where Don Corleone tasks his loyal hatchet man with visiting drug lord Virgil Sollozzo to feign disillusionment with his own Family in a cunning ruse aimed at drawing out the Don's enemies] Linward X Cathcart has implausibly claimed that his decision to attend the Malcolm X rally at the Audubon Ballroom on 21st February 1965 was driven by his 'disaffection' with Elijah Muhammad's program and his new-found interest in Malcolm's OAAU initiative.

In reality Cathcart, like Brasi, remained loyal to his 'Don' and was likely present at the Audubon in order to 'oversee' the five Newark No.25 assassins in the conduct of their murderous 'operation', ensure the success of the hit on Malcolm and report back to NOI National Secretary John Ali [who was in New York at the time] that the mission had been accomplished. Ali later caught a flight to Chicago and returned to 4847 South Woodlawn Avenue to personally inform NOI leader Elijah Muhammad that the 'hypocrite' was dead. Elijah Muhammad then held a press conference, attended by Ali, and during which he flatly denied any involvement in the assassination of Malcolm X.

5 May 2011

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