Friday, May 27, 2011

"TASK FORCE FARD": The Cathcart Cabal

"I am thankful of the work of my beloved brother Talmadge X. If I would have been in the New York City area at the time of the Hypocrite Malclm X, I would have Killed him myself. You see, Malcolm X preached violence against and toward Messenger Elijah Muhammad, and thought he would escape that crazy move. But he was wrong. Allah (God) was not with him and he came up the loser. The people Malcolm X thought were in his corner were infact not in it. They in fact helped to set up his murder. This I know for a true fact. All of the key players in this murder (10) to be exact, only (2) are now deceased. The other brothers are enjoying the Fruits of there great labor. May Allah Always, bless the Special Team (Task Force FARD) Fruit Of Islam from Temple #7 and Temple #25 for the great work that was performed on that great day of February 21, 1965. Brother Linward X, may Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, shine his blessings upon you..."

~ "Bill X"
14 November 2009

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