Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Plot Thickens...

According to Omar Shabazz's latest and most explosive documentary 'Conspiracy: Why Not?' [purchase the DVD by email from] the assassination of Malcolm X on the 21st of February 1965 began with the arrival at the Nation of Islam's Newark Mosque No.25 of Minister Louis X Farrakhan of Boston's Mosque No.11. Accompanying him were Boston FOI captain Clarence 2X Gill and three Boston FOI lieutenants -- Joseph Smott and the brothers Ronald and Roy Thompson. They were met upon arrival by Newark No.25 lieutenants Edward Oliver and Agurs Linward X Cathcart. Arriving shortly thereafter was Springfield FOI captain John X Peters. A seperate vehicle had also arrived carrying Talmadge Hayer, Benjamin Thomas, Leon Davis, Wilbur McKinley and William Bradley -- the Nation of Islam hit squad that had been assembled by NOI national secretary John Ali to assassinate Malcolm X.

Two vehicles -- one carrying Agurs Linward X Cathcart and the other carrying the five assassins -- then departed over the George Washington Bridge [connecting Fort Lee in Bergen County, New Jersey with Washington Heights, Manhattan in New York City] and headed straight for the Audubon Ballroom...

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