Monday, August 04, 2014

BEYOND THE GRAVE | Malcolm X Grand Jury Testimony

In this riveting video Malcolm X provides compelling testimony from ‘beyond the grave’ of the Nation of Islam’s role in his own assassination. The slain martyr describes the true reasons behind his departure from the NOI and the numerous attempts made on his life by his former colleagues in the organisation he once served. Malcolm X refutes one of the key falsehoods peddled to this day by Louis Farrakhan and other NOI officials to the effect that Malcolm X ‘defected from’, ‘broke with’ or otherwise left the NOI movement of his own volition. In reality, Malcolm X was expelled from the NOI along with Wallace Muhammad (the son of NOI leader Elijah Muhammad) for fear that if either man were granted an opportunity to defend themselves before the NOI membership body against false charges that were being spread about them by the NOI’s Chicago leadership that the adulteries of Elijah Muhammad would come to light during the NOI court sessions. Malcolm X also describes the 14th February 1965 firebombing of his New York home – an act reportedly carried out by Alvan X Walcott (the half-brother of Louis Farrakhan), Harlem Mosque #7 captain Joseph X Gravitt, Boston Mosque #11 captain Clarence 2X Gill and Springfield Mosque #13 captain John X Peters. Malcolm’s riveting posthumous testimony will enable him to serve as the ‘star witness for the prosecution’ in his own assassination trial and to indict his killers ‘from the graveyard’ and will play a central role in any grand jury proceedings against the surviving participants in his 21st February 1965 assassination. 

2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the brutal assassination of Malcolm X and we are calling on President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to publish all federal government files and records, without alteration or redaction, relating to the 1965 crime.

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