Thursday, April 14, 2011

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Elijah Muhammad Jr.

Perhaps the KEY figure in the Malcolm X assassination, Elijah Muhammad Jr presided over the notorious FOI “Wannsee Conference” of 28 June 1964 and during which he delivered a grotesque order that Malcolm's home be destroyed, his tongue severed by his NOI attackers, placed in an envelope and delivered to him to be presented to his father, Elijah Muhammad, as a macabre 'gift' or trophy. Elijah Jr has long since disavowed his father's NOI doctrines and embraced orthodox Islam. Now believed to be in poor health, Elijah Jr is perhaps the only surviving member of the NOI 'old guard' who, precisely because of his infirmity and seemingly repentant disposition, may be inclined to provide a grand jury with "the Mother of all Deathbed Confessions" by confirming whether or not the ultimate order to assassinate Malcolm X derived directly from his father, Elijah Muhammad, and he should thus be subpoenaed to testify in any forthcoming grand jury proceeding.

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6 April 2011

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