Thursday, April 14, 2011

IN PLAIN SIGHT: Linward X Cathcart

[aka Abdul Karriem Muhammad]: the elusive and talismanic "Sixth Man" of the Malcolm X assassination team. Now serving under Louis Farrakhan, Linward X - the "Voodoo Doll of the Audubon Ballroom" - is quite possibly the 'lynchpin' of the entire plot to kill Malcolm X. Known at the time of the killing as "the eyes and ears of Louis Farrakhan" any indication that he may have communicated with Farrakhan about the Malcolm X killing on the day it took place could establish whether or not Farrakhan had PRIOR knowledge of the assassination plot - a fact that would indict Minister Farrakhan as an accessory to the crime. Linward X Cathcart could prove to be the "Star Witness" in any future grand jury proceeding.
Get Your Hand Out of My Pocket
6 April 2011

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